Moving to New York

In August, I embarked on a journey with my partner Brian to relocate from Australia to the United States. We had been wanting to experience living and working overseas for some time, so when an opportunity presented itself to do so earlier this year we put up our house for rent, eBay’d my cocktail dresses and started a journey that would eventually lead us to what some call the Greatest City On Earth, New York City.

I could share tips with you on how to network in a new city or silly facts like the fact that sunscreen is unregulated in the United States (I learnt the hard way that Walgreens SPF 30+ will do you no good in Puerto Rico – stock up on sunscreen at home).

But the biggest lesson I learnt? To say thanks. You will need to seek out and accept help from others as you go along and invariably, you will have little to give them at the time in return. That’s okay, so long as you remember to find your own way to thank them and to express what their support meant to you at that point of time on your journey.

So to all those people who have helped me get to where I am today – for gestures big or small and irrespective of any previous votes of thanks – thank you.

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